Hello everybody this is our new addition to our website. I hope to update it as often as possible, feel free to respond, let us know what you think, share your thoughts, etc. I want to thank all our supporters for your emails and guestbook entries and phone calls.  It has been a great year for Los Padrinos, we have only been around for about one year, but God has blessed us with some great experiences so far! When it has been tough we say, “live and learn”.

So why do you like conjunto music?


12 Comments on “Greetings”

  1. Martin says:

    You can respond here!

  2. Martin says:

    One reason I like conjunto music, is because to me it has soul y corazon! It is part of my roots. When I was teenager I didn’t like it too much, you know that stage, but later I learned to not only appreciate but to really love it!

  3. Rick Villarreal says:

    I love Conjunto Music because it comes from the heart. When you see the acordion y bajo sexto playing and giving you “goose-bumps”, you know it’s a special kind of music. When I was a youngster I would listen outside of bars and cantinas listening to this music and it just grew on me that when I got older I wanted to be part of it. So I’m learning to play the accordion and hope to play at my grandson’s wedding one day, he’s only 9 years old, right now, jejeje.
    Los Padrinos exemplify Conjunto Music to the max!

  4. Rene Moreno says:

    Like my compadre Martin, I was also a Rock and Roller in my younger years. In the early 80s fell in love with the hot new keyboard, brass filled tejano sound with bands like La Mafia, La Sombra, Mazz, Los Padrez. Going back to the roots of tejano I can really appreciate the sound of Los Padrinos. Filled with original songs written and produced by Juan and Martin. Many of there songs have a positive and political and sometimes comical message. I am really pround of Los Padrinos and give them two thumbs up!! GOOD TIMES, GOOD MUSIC

  5. Bunny says:

    Hi Martin et al! Do I like conjunto….yes I sure do. I am actually a lover of pretty much all kinds of music and although I don’t listen to conjunto ALL the time when its on I sing along and have great memories of listening to it when I was growing up! Can’t wait to come see you guys in concert!

    De Colores,

  6. lucky louie says:

    i like conjunto porque it rminds me of mis tiempos piscando nueces, tomate. grapes, carrots, el vetavel ajua! el desiaje nombre que asoliadas los damamos pero bien contentos de la vida cuando mi mama y papa de criansia se punia a tocar con la musica de voca and mi abuelito con el bajo todo roto como la guitarra de “willie nelson” y cantaban un dueto but puro gallo! so any way this music stayed in my blood so i had to learn how to play accordion y bajo sexto so that i would have my fix of conjunto at a regular basis. and then well so puro conjunto y conjunto puro..ARRIBA CESAR Y ARRIBA LOS PADRINOS >PURO GALLO

  7. juan santillan says:

    I would like to publicly thank my compadre Martin for all his hard work on our web site, He is fully responsible for all the the design work. Now he can add web-master to his resume. Thank you martin for all your hard work. puro high-tech conjunto, nombre shhhhhut-up!

  8. Venisha says:

    I didn’t know about Conjunto music, BUT since Los Padrinos I enjoy it a lot. Great Job on the website, on tour tour, the pictures are GREAT, but especially the BAND ROCKS!!! My Padrino Martin, Juan, Ray, and Peter, you guys are doing a great job and keep up the tradition. God Bless and I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  9. javier angel guerra says:

    hi i am rene rio guerra javier angel guerra's daughter,i'm 11 years old.
    i love conjunto music because it is apart of my is music from the heart and it just,well it relaxes me and teaches me more spanish and about dad also play's the does my brother me my sister y little brother dad always teaches us about conjunto and TEXAS.he also takes us to see bands favorite one is nick Viariall.he is my favorite because he has the most beautiful singig voice ever.also because he sings about our culture and SAN ANTONIO. i also love conjunto music whe my dad play's it on K-E-D-A. that is why i love CONJUNTO MUSIC.

    p.s i can't wait for my dad to take me to see Los Padrinos.i love your cds! God bless you.

    Rene Rio Guerra

  10. Venisha says:

    Hey Padrinos,Pray for me and Isabel Peña who are going to reppresent the Young Adults from the Cursillo. Check out the picture with the Archbishop of SA in the FE, FAMILIA y TRADICION SECTION OF LOS PADRINOS! I LOVE YOU GUYS! GREAT JOB!


  11. Gloria says:

    Hi Ilove conjunto music because I grew up with dad played bajo. conjuto to me is music from the heart,every note played and evreyword comes from the heart. and thats what conjuto means to me.

  12. Hi Martin y Los Padrinos. I grew up in Uvalde escuchando la musica that my mother played on the am radio. Listening to La Tejanita. Now I live in San Antonio and I am in the Heart of the Conjunto Universe. I have truly gone to Heaven! When I hear el Bajo Sexto y el acordeon, nombre, it brings back all the memories of growing up pobre, pero rico en la cultura de nuestra raza; en la tierra del sol. Your conjuntos’ musica tradicional toca en el mero corazon. Mi Senora y yo really love to dance taquachito listening to your music. I hope God keeps you in his prayers so that you can keep bringing happiness a Nuestra Gente. You fill so many of their hearts and soul with such orgullo de ser tejanos. I look forward to listening to your great music. God Bless!

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