What a shock! What a tragedy! Gloom, despair, and agony on me! My beloved Spurs were knocked out of the playoffs! I really do not like Mark Cuban, he said some nasty things about San Antonio, que tonto el buey! I feel bad for Michael Finley, man we should have beat those Mavs! What sets us apart is the professionalism, respect, and honor that our team shows all the time. Those are values that I want my kids to have, respeto y honor. Treat people right, don't be all conceited or arrogant. Respect your elders. Make life enjoyable! We had a chance to practice that when we played on stage without Juan (who was out of town) We did our best, played from our hearts and the people responded. Of course, it was not the same, but people respect that we tried and did not take ourselves too seriously (or at least most of us didn't!) Life is too short to live it without our Fe, Familia, y Tradicion! Viva los Spurs! y Viva Conjunto!


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