Who hires these people?

I need to share something that I found very frustrating.  I recently emailed a local club to see if they were interested in traditional Conjunto music, a few days later I got the phone call.  The gentleman said that they usually hire R&B Tejano groups like Roger Velazquez (a friend of mine), OBG band (Oldies But Goodies), and Los Tovares.  As I was explaining who we were and the music we play, he asked “how does your style of music compare to OBG?”  I was stunned.  I did not lose my cool, but simply said, they play old school just like we do, except we are a CONJUNTO.  This gentleman hires bands for a “Tejano” club and has no idea what Conjunto music is? OH MY GOD! Perhaps he was just young and hadn’t had the exposure.  I would have been satisfied if he told me that the crowd they cater to prefers “Oldies” and are not really a “Conjunto” crowd.  Well needless to say I steered him to our website and he hasn’t called since.   He was probably disappointed that we did not have “Mustang Sally”, or “Mazz” in our repetoire.  I guess I should have suggested he listen to KEDA radio (now online!)  Anyways, folks, we have alot of work to do! Viva Conjunto!


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