Tejano Survey

A few days ago I attended a survey to listen to music for two evenings.  I was asked over the phone what my favorite radio station was so I said KEDA.  Veronica told me to mention KXTN, so I did and they signed me up.  I was there with a group of about 60 people listening to 4 hours of Tejano music.  It was mostly music that is played on KXTN, you know Tejano music from the 1990s, (DLG, Jay Perez, Mazz, Selena, and Emilio)  Also, Sap Sap Sapo! Las Hijas de Don Simon, Borracho de Besos, and other burned out hits.  I only gave good grades to Los Hometown Boys, Los Chamacos, and Los Desperados (and some DLG with Jay Perez).  It was hard because I wanted to push Conjunto, but they only played Tejano Conjunto.  No 2Gs, no Tony de La Rosa, no Ruben (or Ricky) Naranjo, no Fantasmas del Valle. Now, they did play “El Coco Rayado” by Ruben Vela, but that was it.  Very sad.  If I had the money and had my own radio station (Martinez Broadcasting system presents KMART-FM) KMart? Anyways, I would play music like KEDA and KGBT in McAllen.  KEDA on FM, now that would be great! 


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