Un tiempo muy saludable

All I can say is wow. This weekend we played at the Gigante Club, here in San Antonio, with Cumbia legends Tropical Panama, from Monterrey Mx. Wow. The place was jam packed by our 2nd set, wall to wall people – most of them from Mexico (Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Coahuila, etc). Of course we knew they were not there to listen to us, but it really did not matter – we all had a great time. Juan and I were worried no one would dance (El profe was worried we would actually be booed off the stage!) So needless to say, we did not know what to expect when we began playing. All I can say is wow… people danced and clapped and threw gritos! I think I speak for all the guys when we say that this was one of the highlights of the year! It was great that many our fan club and family members were present. The Polka Dawgs were there, also pulgeros (Conjunto fans who love to go to the pulgas [flea markets] to hear live music). We all had a great time – together. We played our conjunto style and watched as couples danced a more “Mexican” style of polka (kind of like la quebradita) or just stood there and watched us perform. We even dared to do a cumbia! It was a beautiful experience for me to see the appreciation of Los Padrinos’ traditional Conjunto style by the reaction of the hundreds (and hundreds) of people who were not familiar with it before that day. We did not hire a tuba player for that gig, nor did we speed up the tempo (ala duanguense style) or wear leathery stretchy pants. No, we played the music from our hearts and the audience responded. Our roots were definitely showing! Viva Mexico! Viva America! y Viva Conjunto!


2 Comments on “Un tiempo muy saludable”

  1. Martha says:

    Hola Primo:
    Just to let you know that your family from San Antonio and Houston had a great time at Gigante. Your music was fantastic and what a “drummer.” (he just tore up those drums!) Your fans even the Tropical crowd loved the music as you could see it on the dance floor. The entire crowd was just unbelievable – unbelievable! Even las primas from Houston were astounded by the huge crowd and you are absolutely right it was wall to wall. The place is humongus – about as big as Randy’s Ballroom if not bigger. The Tropical band was also good even though every song sounds the same but, every song has a different step and that was interesting to watch. Las primas from Houston always enjoy your music and love to come here you play. They try to make it to San Antonio when they know you are playing on weekends. This time they are here for about a week and a half. They are leaving Monday
    but, say they’ll be back in the next couple of weeks again. Keep up the great conjunto music and tradition. Hope to see you at Gigante again. Thanks for keeping us informed on upcoming events. Prima Martha Vera

  2. wow man thats cool. its good that you received a good response from the tropical crowd.

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