Singer Shortage

We played at a festival recently where I saw a Tejano band perform.  As they were setting up, I was like, “whaaat?”, when I saw the lead singer hook up a “harmonizer”.  It is a machine that allows you to sing and harmonize at the same time (that way you don’t need anyone else to sing with you!)  Hmmmm.  I am not sure what to think, I guess it must be difficult to find a musician who also sings well.  I have seen the harmonizer with several conjuntos as well, even Santiago Jimenez, Jr. uses one!  In fact he uses two microphones: one for talking/singing solo, and the other for the harmony to kick in.  Of course it is better to have two singers, and I think most groups do, I just wonder why is it so hard to find someone to sing along.  Is it because it cuts into the profit margin by having to pay an extra person? is it ego?, or maybe they are difficult to come by – but you know, I am a perfect example that you do not need to be a great singer, just sing in key.  In fact, when we first started the band I was hoping to find a drummer who could sing segunda.  The guy I had in mind said he could not join us, so I ended up singing by default.   Thanks to Juan’s encouragement I think we do pretty good.  In any event, I have thought of adding a harmonizer to Los Padrinos,  since I am so prone to allergies.  You know, just in case… but until that time, Juan and I will continue to sing ¡porque la tradición continúa!


One Comment on “Singer Shortage”

  1. I think taking on vocals while playing music (especially if you’re an accordion player) is a tough job. i admire, and at times envy, those who can do it right. i’ll admit: i’ve been scared to do it forever. don’t get the wrong idea, i CAN sing 2a, and i can do it well. but try to get me to sing and play at the same time, and i can’t do it.

    i think with others, it has mostly to do with not knowing HOW to do it. some musicians are tone deaf when it comes to figuring it out. some of us have it easy.

    harmonizers are funny. LOL. we tried that one gig and said “to HELL with THAT!” lolz. the guys are wanting to hire another guy for just that…i’m against that. i’m working on it, and practice everyday. i’m almost ready. LOL> count how many times i used the letter I in this comment. hahahahaha

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