Las Coronas


We recently played for a fundraiser for a young cancer patient.  It was a lot of fun, Los Tovares also performed that night.  I got to meet two of the Tovares’ in the band.  they told us the story behind their band which I found fascinating.  He said that Los Tovares have been around for over 30 years, and it used to be all brothers (now only three of the original members remain in the group).  Now, these guys are not old guys – they are about my age (which is very very very young) but what was interesting is that they started when they were practically in middle school!  Earlier in the day we had the Arciniega family (Vince, (age 7), Samuel and Daniel(both age 11)) perform for the crowd.  I remembered when I was around 12 and I joined a  band called Paul y sus Satelites.  I was just learning how to play guitar (I even have a picture – one day I may be brave enough to show you all!)  Anyways, I thought it was interesting that this love for music began at an early age and has stuck around.  Being so young it is just about the music, unfortunately it is when we are older that we develop all these “mañas” that can get us in trouble.  In fact Frank (from Los Tovares) told us that they mostly played in bars in those days (and still do!) but after seeing how “mensos” some people get with beer, he never got into drinking (until he got married -lol).  It is sad that sometimes la parranda y el chiflason can end a promising career.  Sometimes some musicians never grow up (I am not pointing fingers “there, but for the grace of God, go I”).  I hope those kids that performed with us never experience the destructive side of music and learn to love it and appreciate all the beautiful sides of it.  That is my prayer for them.  By the way,  I found out that Frank Tovar actually reads these blogs! Who woulda thunk! I thought only I read my blogs!  Now I have to be careful what I say (just kidding) I don’t use this blog to talk bad about people (except Michael Salgado).   Frank, if you are reading this,  you should write a blog, the little you told me about your group I found fascinating – you could write a book!  I think Profe said he wanted to join your band!! Thank you all for reading.


3 Comments on “Las Coronas”

  1. Frank Tovar says:

    Hey Martin, Que Pasa Bro.
    See, I told you I read your Blog. Thanks for mentioning us on your blog and not talking bad about us…Just kidding. It was a pleasure to finally meet and get to talk to you guys a little. Maybe one of these days we will do a rotating gig together, that would be cool. It made me feel pretty good that you found my little conversation about the history of Los Tovares interesting. Actually when we started playing in 1974 we called ourselves El Conjunto de Los Hermanos Tovar. Thats right, we started as a Conjunto Band. As time went on we expanded our music to different genres, we even played some disco music when it first arrived on the scene. That’s right, I had the Afro and platform shoes, Polyester clothes, the whole nine, man you stirred up some memories. Times change, styles change, Music changes, but in the big picture I thank God Los Tovares have been able to ride the winds of changes for all these years. It also helps when we have the support of our wives and families that let us do what we love. How much longer can we go on? Only God knows. That Saturday at Las Coronas El Profe hung out with us for a while. He told us a little about Los Padrinos, I wish you much sucess.
    Till we meet again My Friend, God Bless You and Yours………Frank Tovar

  2. lospadrinos says:

    Thanks Frank! We would love to jam with you all some time. God bless, Martin

  3. Ruben Arciniega says:

    We’re keeping Marcy in our prayers. It’s a blessing that they can learn the value of helping others from musicians like the Padrinos and the Tovares. We appreciate your concern for our boys. Whenever we can be of service don’t hesitate to let our family know.

    the Arciniegas

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