Doug Sahm's Birthday

Today is Doug Sahm’s birthday. Why is this important? Other than today being the birthday of one of San Antonio’s most revered musical icons, it should be a day to appreciate the rich, “freak unique” and thick cultural heritage we are blessed with here in San Antonio.In honor of the birthday of Doug Sahm and countless musical/cultural San Antonio legends that have passed, go out and experience/support local, original live Conjunto at Lerma’s, attend an art exhibit at Gallista Gallery (and buy some some art!), check out some blues at Santa’s Place on Sunday evenings, listen to KEDA 1540 AM on a daily basis or simply go out and have some beers at Sanchez Ice House with a few friends.Many cities across this great land have lost their soul to over development, sprawl, and gentrification. San Antonio is one of the few cities (the only?) that still has soul. Doug Sahm once said that San Antonio is the funkiest place on earth. It still is. In honor of Doug, Randy, Valerio, Ram, Tacoland, and the P&M, let’s do our part to keep it that way by supporting our vast cultural/community institutions.Waya’ name?!
Su Servidor,
Manuel Diosdado Castillo, Jr.
Executive Director
San Anto Cultural Arts



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