Frank Gomez CD release party


Here is a picture of Los Padrinos with Los Texmaniacs, we were there for the Frank Gomez CD release party at the VFW Post 76.  As some of you may know, Juan and I used to play with Speedy Villanueva (the guy with his eyes closed) in a Tejano band (known as Los Padrez).  It was good to see him and his bandmates: Max Baca, David Farias, and Chente Barrera.  Half of the group in the picture are Hall of Famers, Grammy award winners, and music legends, can you guess which half is not? lol


Here is a picture with Sam and Rose Rodriguez they are always taking pictures of bands so we decided to take a picture with them for our website.  We thank them for their support of Conjunto music.



One Comment on “Frank Gomez CD release party”

  1. Martha Vera says:

    Hola Primo:
    Thanks for sharing the photo’s from the Veteran’s Day bash at the VFW. That is a fantastic picture of two great groups. As bad as I wanted to go I could not make it. The TexManiacs are my second best conjunto as I suppose you know you are my #1 conjunto. I have really enjoyed the TexManiacs music for the past few years. The Frank Gomez Band and the TexManiacs played at the Halloween carnival for Blessed Sacrament School where Lauren and Philip go. They were fantastic! I really admire their style of music(you are still better.) Hopefully, the next time you’ll play together I can make it.

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