¡Ay viene el Papa!

As you may know our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will be arriving soon to the US.  He had a letter in preparation for his visit, I thought it meant alot that part of his message was in Spanish!  He knows that many of us are muy católicos!  I remember when John Paul came to San Anto and had a gathering en el mero hueso (El West Side) at Plaza Guadalupe.  What an honor for la raza to have the pope visit them in one of the poorest and proudest, and most religious, places in the city.  El primo Joe Lopez, of Gallista Gallery, participated in the making of a poster commemorating the visit in 1987.  Way to go Joe!

This time around, the president of the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC), here in San Antonio, will be going to Washington DC to meet pope Benedict.  MACC was invited by the bishops of the US.  ¡Que viva el Papa!


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