Podcast #2 Valerio, Ruben, y Santiago


3 Comments on “Podcast #2 Valerio, Ruben, y Santiago”

  1. John Aguilar says:

    This is a nice podcast! Everyone tune in because this is puro conjunto!

  2. Joe F. Sepeda says:

    Martin, thanks for the e-mail directing me to your podcast. Loved listening to your commentary. Nombre Ojitos Verdes de Ruben Vela puro conjunto. Pura vida. take care see you soon. Joe

  3. RaMoN and Maria Gallardo says:

    Keep Conjunto music alive. Its awesome of all the work you put into it and it sounds GREAT. This takes me back when my mom and dad would take the family to Mission Co park in the early 70’s ,My uncle Manuel Gallardo played the 12 stringer and other band also. Let’s just say that where i learn how to dance and my best teacher was my Mother!

    Thank You Martin and God Bless..DECOLORES

    Phil: 4:16

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