Trying to attract people to Conjunto is Life.

I was thinking of what little sayings I can use to attract people to  On my facebook page I have used two…

If you love Gary Hobbs, you’ll hate

If you have La Sombra or La Fiebre on your Ipod, avoid

How about…

If you think Jay Perez is Conjunto, join ConjuntoIsLife, you need the education.

If you can’t live without KXTN, will kill you.

I wish I was more creative~


2 Comments on “Trying to attract people to Conjunto is Life.”

  1. Zophar says:

    We opened shows,(la Venganza), for L Fiebre in he Early 90’s, I’ve also worked with La Sombra, and as a working musicianI have to keep an open mind to the changes in regional genres. The first conjunto recordings were made at the St Anthony Hotel in 1935. The artists were Narciso Martinez, (accordion), and Juan Almeida on guitar, (not Bajo). These were what propelled conjunto music onto the airwaves. As poor migrant workers we needed instruments that were easy to carry around and that’s why the accordion and bajo became the staples of our heritage. Music is a direct reflection of who we are as a people and I’m honored and humbled to be a part our past, present and future. Someday I won’t be able to play anymore, but I always see very capable young people coming into light. (Juanito, X-man and Mark Banger are three examples). When I hang up my guitar for the last time I know the music will continue to grow and flourish among our raza. I’m gratefull for your website, carnal. . .

  2. ron says:

    i think we should use more positive sayings than negative, words like hate, kill, are negative words which automatically bring negative thoughts to the readers mind. which could most likely drive them away from the site, i dont have any saying suggestion yet but ill put it up when i come up with a good one, im not putting your thoughts down, im just puttin in a suggestion, but you really do have a good idea!

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