Conjunto Festival Friday

I was at the Festival today and took my son Diego with me, it was nice seeing a lot of old faces and friends in the Conjunto realm.  I was hoping to catch Mickey as well as Los Hermanos Peña, but I arrived too late. Los Arcos have an original sound with their accordion style and vocals.  I remember being blown away the first time I heard their version of “Ambición”.

I was curious about what Los Fantasmas sounded like without Julian Figueroa, I found out that they have been using a familiar face in the music, Bobby Salinas.  He played with Los Dos Gilbertos, and other groups.  They sounded really good, but  I wonder how long this line up will last.  Replacing Mike Gonzalez (RIP) with Rodney Rodriguez was probably more difficult, but Rodney has done an incredible job  keeping Los Fantasmas – Los Fantasmas.

Boni Mauricio did a great job as well, I was surprised to see another accordion player on stage performing with him – I missed what that was about, but the music was still awesome.  He is a real crowd pleaser!

I took a lot of pictures, mi’jo will have some memories with pictures I took of him with people in the crowd (Los Palominos, Nick Villarreal, Linda Escobar, Honorio from Japan, Otoño Lujan from Los Pochos, Eddie Gonzales, Gilberto Reyes, Flaco Naranjo, Los Fantasmas, etc)  He does not have a clue who these people are, but the time will come!

Oh and Los Dos Gilbertos closed the show, but what can you say they are Los Dos Gilbertos!


One Comment on “Conjunto Festival Friday”

  1. Hey, Padrino, how about:

    CONJUNTO y Punto!!!!
    Con conjunto me arrejunto!!!
    Con conjunto te arrejunto!!!!
    CONJUNTO Y arreglado el ASUNTO!!!

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