¡Trucha! Mickey y Sus Carnalez

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¡Trucha! is the lastest CD by Mickey Mendoza and her Conjunto – Los Carnalez. That’s right folks, in a genre dominated by males, Mickey is making a name for herself by recording music that is pure Conjunto music. Her sophomore effort I believe shows how she has improved technically (on her squeezebox) as well as vocally.  She is creating her own unique style.  She is a favorite on Conjuntoislife.com because she has maintained the “Homie” style that is a big part of the network. This is evident in the title of the album. “Trucha” is a slang term that means “watch out!” (it is also a trout, but there is nothing fishy about this album! lol)  Feel free to leave your own comments if you like!

About the CD
The artwork is fabulous, she has maintained the “homie” look with an elegant black backdrop, with her band in matching shirts and tanditos, very cool. The logo on the back cover is an original that has an “Aztec” feel that is prevalent in the Chicano style that homies represent.

I need to give the band props for taking the time to add the upside down “!” in “¡Trucha!” and the “ñ” in Cariño, Mañana, Años, (and the “é” in “Mañana me Iré”) this shows an attention to detail that is sometimes ignored by Conjunto artists. We don’t always get the Spanish right, but this is a way to show you care!

The Music
Wow, the recording quality is great! Great job by Noel Cavazos and JR Santos. The instruments sound great and I compliment Gabriel Lara (Bajo Sexto) for being open to adding Conjunto veterano Ramon “Rabbit” Sanchez as a special guest. There is a nice little write up about him on the inside cover, and again this shows a love and respect for the music and the carnalismo that should exist between musicians. The bajo sexto rocked on this CD!  There is a good variety of songs, Conjunto standards and some I hadn’t heard before.  Here is a brief recap of the songs on the CD
1. La Palma y Mi Amor – ¡Puro Conjunto!
2. Me Contaron Por Ahí
¡Un grito raza!
3. Cuchi Chuchi – a very catchy ranchera, one of my favorites on the CD
4. La Culebra – A charanga style song, great job with the vocals and gritos – ¡Trucha con la culebra homes!
5. Las Noches Las Hago Días Nice filler
6. Que Casualidad (Joe Bravo style, not Ramon Ayala) nice touch.
7. Flor de Capomo/Polka – Flor de Capomo was recorded by Carlos y José, as well as George y Mague. I loved this rendition by Mickey; although I almost expected it to be a polka the way it was written on the label. I am not sure what the name of the cool polkita she broke into is, if you know it write a comment!
8. Moreno de 20 Años – a cumbia (originally “Morena de 20 Años”, but that is the thing with female performers, you often have to change the words to fit the person singing!
9. 50 Balas One of the Carnalez sang this one!
10. Mañana me Iré ¡No llores Mickey! on this classic bolero
11. No Puedo Olvidar tu Cariño
Nice job on the accordion and the harmonies.
12. One Night With You
– The thing homies like almost as much as Conjunto….are oldies!

¡Trucha! shows a very solid effort by Mickey y Sus Carnalez, it is better than the last, and it seems that the sky is the limit.  A Padrino Pick for sure! Dále Shine!



11 Comments on “¡Trucha! Mickey y Sus Carnalez”

  1. bobby says:

    hey guys how bout those carnalez – the drummer is on beat nice and tight with that snare– the bass is crisp – and the bajo is comes right out of the music — the band names are mickey mendoza – acordian and vocals –drummer is juan reyes well known throught the conjunto familia–bass is meme mendoza –gabriel lara- bajo sexto and vocals. he sings 50 balas on this cd .I have had the chance to spend time with this band.Iam very glad to see that a band is going to take conjunto music to the next level .New blood, new music,new songs , and hell yeah ill listen to that im 36 now and i have always loved the old school g’s however i want my children to get into conjunto and i believe this band can give me the edge to introduce them to conjunto in a new light thanks

  2. Angie Vargas says:

    I am the aunt of Gabriel Lara girlfriend Maryann Vargas,. i have sat in their rehearsals at their home and they are awesome. Mickey is such a warm, caring, thoughtful woman, she is awesome on that accordion and her singing well, its just unbelieveable. I do attend their performances with my niece when they are in Houston and enjoy every song they perform not to mention the dancing! The entire group is so down to earth, and they play fromt their heart and really are close to their audience. Mickey goes out on the floor and says hello to everyone out there individually, she has so much love and respect for all her fans. I have been to her home on several occassions and she is so warm and welcomes you respectively always…Best of luck to them all, i know they are on the road to so much more success!!! Long live Conjunto music!

  3. Susan Torres says:

    Major props to Mickey. I’m soooo glad to see another lady expressing her heart and soul in the squeezebox and conjunto music. All my best goes out to her in this and future endeavors. TRUCHA!

  4. Mark Weber El Tacuache says:

    Go for it, Mickey y Carnales!

  5. Padrino, WOW!!! Thank you so much for the article you wrote on TRUCHA…I love it!!! My good friends from Corpus, Nelda & Alonzo work from their home, they do all of my videos & photography, they support us 100% and they designed the cover for me.. They are true conjunto lovers. If anyone is interested their # is 316-960-2915..they do beautiful work.. We love them, especially Neldas home made flower tortillas (they spoil us!!)
    Meme is so talented, he drew our logo. The circle means (Chicano United), the points mean (4 members), and the ribbon means (Familia)…
    Padrino, it took me 4 yrs. to put together a band. I looked for musicians that had the same passion & dreams as me, PAPA! Puro drug free, nada de envidia, nada de manas, no free lasers, totally 100% dedicated and willing to sacrifice for the passion of CONJUNTO!!!
    I have it all know; I love & appreciate my guys for all the hard work and sacrifices they do, and I try me best to take good care of them…(pero tampoco que se me chiflen, puro walk the line.) lol.
    What can say about Ramon “Rabbit” Sanchez…never did I imagine (me being una verdelona in conjunto) that I would be on stage, con un gran músico como el. This man has performed with the Big Doggs.We love him, we respect him and it’s an honor and a privilege to have him by our side. Memories for a life time!!!
    Gabriel Lara, tiene un talento bruto, it hasn’t been a year yet that he pick up the bajo, he’s the one singing 50 balas, he’s so proud of his first recording that it was an honor to have Rabbit on the bajo on all tracks…
    About the polka, I don’t know where I got it from, and yes, if anyone knows the name of it pleases let me know.
    About the Fest….(ADM) (Ay Dios Mio!!!) I didn’t know that so many people know about us. All the the people in front of the stage were yell the songs that they wanted to here. I was so over whelmed and in shock that I forgot the beginning of OJOS QUERENDONES, ya sabes …compre terreno en San Antonio. lol. But the show must go on y toce con todo mi Corazon. What an experience, I still can’t stop smiling.
    Also Padrino, I’ve been managing the band with no experience, I don’t know what else to do, I think that we need a promoter that can give us the exposure that we need. We would like to take it as fare as we can go. If you have any advice, I truly appreciate it.. Again thank you so much for the good words PAPA!

    Tu Amiga, Mickey Mendoza

  6. I just read the comments…..Thank Yu for all the good words..De Corazon!!!

  7. John Castillo says:

    Orale!! Mickey!!…My GF & I Loved your set at the Conjunto Fest…as you can tell…we we’re the one right in front!…(da back of our heads are on the Video…sorry : )..)…My GF is really in awe of you…she bought the CD & played it all the way to Corpitos, ( I live in central Texas)….esp. the song Mannana Me Ire……let us know when you’ll be in Corpitos…..

  8. HECTOR PENA says:

    Well, well girl i see you guys are growing and growing. Congrats…I have not been able to see you perform lately. I still remember, and i have a vidio of it, when you first were starting out, as studen of Joe Borrego at a bbq in La Porte, you would start with a joke..im the one who send a copy to my “primos” in Ohio and they just loved your music. I have to get your new cd and send it to them. Good Luck and “que viva la accordion”…I will catch you when you are around H-town!!

  9. Hope Soliz says:

    I still listen to that CD and it sure is good… when will you recored a new one.

  10. Hope Soliz says:

    Please always dedicate this song to John Castillo … manana me ire

  11. Hope says:

    Mikki come to Corpus Christi and let me know when your coming,… please I love your last CD but not I want them all… you Rock girl!!!

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