I met a DJ

I was at my parish for a fundraiser where I met a DJ.  I thought I would ask him to play some Conjunto music.  I requested Los Dos Gilbertos, Ruben Vela, or Angel Flores.  Unfortunately he did not have any of those (except Coco Rayado and La Papaya by Don Ruben).  I was disappointed but not surprised.  He had a lot of “Tejano” songs…The Hometown Boys and Jaime y Los Chamacos was about as Conjunto as his play list got.  So what did I do?  I invited him to join Conjunto is Life of course!  This way he can learn a little about Conjunto music and he would be prepared when someone, like me, asks for Ruben Naranjo!


One Comment on “I met a DJ”

  1. rachel says:

    NICE! That’s what i would’ve done….keep conjunto alive!

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