Dame Más Amor – Los Pochos

Hola Homies! I want to introduce you to the new CD by Los Pochos from Califas!  Conjunto in CALIFORNIA? Simón!  Otoño and the guys have released their 3rd CD which I believe is their best yet.  From the great packaging, the cover photo, artwork, and especially the songs, this is going to be hard to top.  It is also  quite poignant that the title song is a song written by San Antonian song-writing legend Joe Mejía, and made famous by none other than El Gran Ruben Vela, who passed away March 2010.

Los Pochos are Otoño Lujan (accordion), Elliott Baribeault (bajo sexto), Ernesto Molina (bass), and Lorenzo Martinez, who also plays drums with Los Tex-Maniacs (Borders and Bailes CD).  The inside cover mentions that Elliott plays an Agustín “Gus” Escobar Bajo Sexto, which is nice since Gus is from San Anto, and also an accomplished Conjunto musician, accordion tuner, plus a real nice guy!

Their choice of music was right on target, songs for everybody, a true pocho-istic compilation!  I caught my 9 year old singing along with Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”!  He also liked the Baribeault-penned “Lost” based on the famous TV show by the same name…(just kidding), but that was the first time my son asked me to put on a Conjunto song again and again.  Thanks Pochos!

Great vocal work on the songs, I only wish I knew who was singing what, since it doesn’t say anywhere on the package. There are three distinct voices, which adds to the uniqueness of their recordings.   They have done a fine job with the ranchera classics (Puerta Negra, El Borrachito, etc) a Texas Tornado classic (Hey baby Que Paso?), and one by the San Benito Be Bop Kid, Baldemar Huerta (aka Freddie Fender) and even an original blues number by Baribeault.

Ramón Hernandez, Tejano archivist and historian, believes that Conjuntos have to record more songs in English to appeal to a greater audience.  I agree, with the caveat that we not lose the Spanish or the traditional Conjunto sound.  Los Pochos have maintained a sound that is puro Conjunto while doing a few songs in English (more than found in most Conjunto albums).  I think that is a great formula.  Otoño exudes the San Anto style and is evident in the performing of “Viva Seguin” (which I contend is the  National Anthem of Conjunto Music).

Los Pochos have found ways to promote Conjunto music through the internet and the arts in California, I also encourage Conjuntos to give CDbaby a try.  This is a way to sell your music on line, and Los Pochos have been on there since their first album.

If you love traditional Conjunto music you will love this album, if you like something different you will love this album as well.  Thanks to Los Pochos for continuing to expand the horizons of Conjunto Music while still being rooted in true Conjunto!  This has become one of my favorite CDs.  (This album has also been nominated for CD of the year at the South Texas Conjunto Association – STCA)

PS When you take the CD off of the package, you will see why this album is ¡puro corazón y puro pocho! ¡Dále Shine!



2 Comments on “Dame Más Amor – Los Pochos”

  1. Martín, thank you for a most gracious review. I’m so happy that your kids love the music. I went a ahead and listed the songs and vocalists on our website: http://www.lospochos.com/news.html

    I should also mention that the cover artwork was done by visual artist and graphic designer by the name of Adriana Garcia, also from San Antonio, TX. She exhibits throughout the city, designs the magazine, El Aviso (for the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture) and participates in many community arts projects. The heart that is underneath the CD is from a painting she did. She was a perfect partner on this project.

  2. I listen to the Title Song just about everyday as the sun is rising in New Mexico~a surreal experience that makes me want to hit the dance floor any hour of the day! Martin~I’ll be spending the next few weeks roaming New Mexico between Belen & Chama~let me know where I can drop-off a promotional CD~Otono is my Accordion Teacher~Ole’

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