Pepe Aldape still carrying torch of conjunto music

Just because Pepe Aldape hasn’t spent his whole life in South Texas, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his roots.

Pepe has written and performed conjunto music all over the country. And although he may have called Chicago home for the better part of four decades, in 2000, he returned to his native home the Rio Grande Valley – the place he was born, but most importantly, the place he learned to play the accordion….

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One Comment on “Pepe Aldape still carrying torch of conjunto music”

  1. Dr. J. Chavez says:

    Great article! I believe the gentlemann when he says that “we didn’t teach our kids Spanish. The reason: we didn’t want them to feel the sting of discrimination from the anglo teachers. I was punished for speaking Spanish but how could I communicate with my white teacher if I couldn’t speak English! I remember telling my dad when he would ask, “What did you learn today in school?”, nothing but my teacher and I understand each other real well. She doesn’t speak Spanish and I don’t speak English!!

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