Conjunto Music Vs. La Onda Chicana

Here is an interesting opinion piece by James Reza comparing Conjunto music and la onda Chicana; those that wanted to be true “Americans” (onda chicana) and those that did not want to assimilate (Conjunto music fans) here is a quote

Hispanics of my musical preference were more Americanized and believed that conjunto music was for Hispanics who still lived and worked in farms.  Conjunto music lovers disliked Hispanics who didn’t like their music and thought of them as turncoats.  To put it simply, they didn’t want Hispanics to assimilate and embrace American ideals and traditions.

I placed a comment on his blog, his whole point was that there are too many cultures in the US and we just need to be “American”.  He seems to forget that being proud of your roots in Mexico or Texas does not make you less American.  Just tell that to all those that fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  Many Tejanos, and Mexican Americans love their country and love Conjunto Music!   Read the article here…,


One Comment on “Conjunto Music Vs. La Onda Chicana”

  1. James Reza says:

    Mr. Martinez, my opinions is what I saw and heard in my barrio of El Norte in North Fort Worth. Most of la Raza loved Tejano music. We, including me didn’t, hate Conjunto music, it just wasn’t our first choice of what music we liked. I have many musician friends, (I being a musician for many years) here in Fort Worth, Dallas, and more so in San Antonio. Sunny Ozuna is one of my best friends and so is Manny Guerra, one of San Antonio’s best promoter of Tejano music. Guero Davia of KEDA in San Antonio is also a dear friend and Little Joe is my compadre (I baptized his daughter Christie). Genaro Aguilar is a dear friend as is Chucho Perales, and so was deceased blues chicano artist Randy Gariby and his brother Ernie. I have a vast collection of Tejano, blues, and believe or not, conjunto music by: Los Dos Gilbertos (close friends also), Los Aguilares, Los Relampagos, Los Gavilanes (de Juan y Solomon), the late Steve Jordan, Los Fabulous 4, plus many more. I encourage you to buy the book, Teajno Music, by Manuel Pena. There you will see what many Chicanos from through the Southwest and more so in Texas thought of Conjunto music in the 40s, 50, 60s til today. Mr. Pena interviewed many artists and you will see that La Raza didn’t have the same musical taste. Interesting, I never like Country music and for almost 30 years I’ve made a small fortune singing it. James Gino Reza

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