NYTimes.com has a blurb about Conjunto Music!

Our quirky, discerning picks for the most interesting things to do around the state this week.


Squeeze Play

Flaco Jiménez is as much a cultural ambassador as he is a master of the accordion. Mr. Jiménez, a 71-year-old San Antonio native, converted the German and Polish polkas and waltzes learned by his grandfather — and later transformed by his father into conjunto music, a Mexican strain born in the United States — into Tex-Mex, his own hybrid of bilingual honky-tonk.

But Mr. Jiménez didn’t stop there. He brought that music out of the cantina and into the rock ’n’ roll fold, most notably with Doug Sahm, a fellow Texan, but also with Ry Cooder, a renowned salvager of bygone regional music, and even with the Rolling Stones. In short, Mr. Jiménez made the old-fashioned instrument relevant again, and he continues to inspire musicians to forgo the allure of the electric guitar for the squeezebox.

Which squeezebox? A good starting point in your accordion research is the New Year’s Eve Best of Texas Live concert. It will be a rare chance to see Mr. Jiménez, a five-time Grammy winner, play his glittery gold Corona II signature accordion, which was created last year by Hohner and is available to be bought.

Read the article here- NYTimes.com.


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