Agapito Zuniga: A Pioneer of Conjunto Music

Here is a website I found while browsing the web for everything Conjunto! Check out the website here!

At a very young age, Agapito felt drawn not only to the accordion, but to the music that filled his heart with memorable melodies.  In the agriculture community of northern Mexico where he grew up, Agapito had the desire and yearning to make a difference.  By watching other musicians, he quickly caught on to the art of playing the accordion.  His dream was about to emerge.  The year was 1937.  Agapito’s biography sets out the historical timeline of his emergence from the agricultural fields of Mexico to the fame and popularity he gained once he set foot in the United States.  With his incredible talents of composing music, singing with heart and soul, and masterfully playing the accordion, Agapito was on the fast track to success.

Website:    Agapito Zuniga: A Pioneer of Conjunto Music


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