ConjuntoIsLife App for your Smartphone!

Hola Homie!

We’ve created a smart phone application, Conjunto Is Life, that we want to share with you.  It contains a lot of useful information and will work with many different smartphones – and it is free! Gratis, gratis, gratis!

Tell your camaradas!

Bands if you would like me to post your gigs (or if you are hosting an event) just let me know.  I have done the ones for March just so you can check it out!

Open this email from your smartphone and click on the link that is appropriate for your device.  The app should then install automatically.

If your smartphone isn’t listed but you have Internet access on your phone, click on the “Mobile Browser URL” link to view the content in your phone’s browser.

Hopefully very soon we will be able to create it for the Iphone!

Let me know what you think!

Thanks, El Padrino

Download here from your phone browser:

Or, select a version that matches your phone:

Blackberry 4.5:


Windows Phone:

Blackberry 4.7 (Storm or later models):

Google Android:

Mobile Browser URL:


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