American Sabor website

I found a pretty cool website about Latino Musicians in US popular music called “American Sabor

Throughout the history of the United States, Latino musicians have participated enthusiastically as musicians and listeners in U.S. genres like jazz, country and western, rock and roll, and punk while at the same time enjoying the music of their local communities or countries of origin.

There is a section about Conjunto music (yay!) but after about a minute there I found an error on the page about Conjunto great Narciso Martinez.  There is a jukebox on the right side of the page that purports to have the polka “Viva Seguin” by another Conjunto pioneer Santiago Jimenez Sr.  I excitedly pressed play, only to hear LA PIEDRERA played by Ben Tavera King y Los Polkeros!  Not the version I would have chosen to highlight Conjunto music, but at least the person should have known the difference between Viva Seguin and La Piedrera! They sound nothing alike!  Maybe it is too much to ask, but you know this website is sponsored by the Smithsonian, and the Ford Motor Company, so you would think they would have been more careful. Check it out here…

Narciso Martínez and Santiago Almeida | American Sabor.

The artists featured on the Conjunto page are:

They should have consulted a few more people in my opinion.

On a side note, my compadre Raymond McCumba replaced Ben Tavera King with Los Polkeros and later he and I formed a Conjunto with Polkera drummer Alex “Slamma” Medina and named it the Lost Polka Boys.  We mostly played at Salute in San Anto!  Another bit of Conjunto history for you.


One Comment on “American Sabor website”

  1. Janie Ortega says:

    My sentiments exactly. Los Tigres Del Norte? Where did that come from? Who are some of these people on this list? WOW.
    Surely they didn’t have the right contacts for this type of information. Unbelievable.

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