Fotos de mi Familia

Our homie Jesus Ramirez is executive producer of the show Children of the Revolución and needs your help!

Do you have photos from the time of the revolution that include your family members? Would you like them to be considered for The Children of the Revolución?

As you know, the program The Children of the Revolución uses many photos to tell the stories of many like us who fled the persecution and injustice during the Mexican Revolution.

We have been approached by many people about their connection to the revolution. The producers and KLRN will be deciding what stories will be airing in the near future. However, there is a high likelihood that photos involving your family can be used in future programs as long as they correspond to the stories being told. If you decide that you do want to contribute to the making of this documentary series by providing your photos, we will need to receive them in a specific format. We will need them to be 2000 x 2000 pixels so that they appear in the best light on the HD High Definition program that we are producing. You will also need to provide us the permission to use the photo in the show.

The pictures we are seeking are family photos and military photos from the 1908 to 1925 time period.

Sometimes we reference different cities in Mexico like Rosita, Juarez, Zacatecas, Tampico… We will consider these photos of Mexican paisajes too.

Finally, if you have original corridos that exist in your family about the Mexican Revolution we will consider that for our show too.

Check out the website here! Fotos de mi Familia.


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