Remembering ‘El Parche’ a year after his death

August 13 will mark the first anniversary of the death of accordion legend Esteban “Steve” Jordan. He left behind a musical legacy that will never be equaled in Chicano history: close to 60 albums (eight of them unreleased), a Jordan-ized band of sons, and a string of regional hit songs that spanned over four decades. He penned the unofficial Chicano national anthem, “Soy de Tejas,” and created a genre of music with only one practitioner — himself. Jordan was, in my estimation, the only musical genius Chicanos have ever produced.

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One Comment on “Remembering ‘El Parche’ a year after his death”

  1. Oscar Sotuyo Sr. says:

    I was not aware that this giant of the Tejano Music had passed I am stunned and saddened.He was truly a great guy.I had the honor of meeting him when I worked as a bartender at The Roman Inn,The Tiny”s Lounge and several other bars that I ran in McAllen.AS amatter of fact I was the person that tracked hime down so that PBS could do a sepcial about him I’m glad that I did that ,he desrved very bit of assitance that I could offer because in his words WE DO NOT HELP EACH OTHER OUT.We ned to unite and help your brother even if he surpassess you only then can he reach back and assist you.

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