Chinese Food

Today I went to a Chinese restaurant to eat lunch. As I was paying for my meal I noticed a picture of all these chinitos gathered around for their group photo. The group was the Chinese American Cuisine Association or CACA for short. I kind of giggled but I didn’t have the heart to tell the lady at the register what was so funny. She was probably a very proud member of CACA, maybe even the founder! Los pobres don’t realize what that means in spanish – which is why it was pretty hilarious. So those of you in Chicago please do not start the Chicago Area Conjunto Association.  Imagine in Honduras a group called Sindicato Hondureño de Ingenieros Telefonicos (SHIT). Sure we can laugh, but they would be clueless as to why all these americanos are always so happy around them. Oh and another thing, I am glad we say puro conjunto, conjunto puro; and not something else like Pura Onda, Onda Pura – that stinks!


Ya Gotta have The Sound!


“Just caught the middle of a James Brown Special on CNN… and with this being Elvis Presley week in Memphis as they mark 30 years since his death… I got to thinking about what i heard many people in this James Brown Special say…
“The second you heard that music and Heard That Voice you immediately knew it was James Brown….without a doubt”
And this comment is true with any music group or entertainer such as JB and Elvis.
And i thought about that for a few minutes…
imagine turning the radio on in your car…. and you hear a favorite song… its at the very beginning notes of the song… you haven’t even heard the singer sing yet….
You Know that’s your favorite song!!! right? cause your mind jumps and your hand goes to crank the volume so you can hear it.. you know why? Because you know the sound of that band… the sound of that singer… its their sound…. their style…. Elvis had THAT style…. James Brown had THAT style both had THAT SOUND… unmistakable… you know it the second you hear it… and ya know ….every performer and musician has his style his sound
and if you hear it enough? you will know it.
I have been very fortunate to have performed and still am performing with some of the most talented musicians in this state. (and a few other states as well) and they have their sound… and its so cool to hear it.. and play with it….
I was riding with a Jr. (of the jolly zuks) a week ago… and we were heading up to Larson’s barn to play for the polka fest up there. as we entered the grounds and parked his truck and got out.. i heard some music…i said “Wow maan that sounds like Dale Dahmon!!!” and sure enough… i ran over and it was!!!!
The next night we got out and heard who i thought was Twin City Soundz!!!!! sure enough there they were…. both these bands have their sound…. their style… their way of putting a song together to make it theirs… and they both do a great job at it.. and people hear them and remember that… and next time they hear them playing ANYWHERE… they come running to watch them perform and dance to their music..
The bands i am in and perform with…. all have their sound… they have made that sound theirs thru years of practice, performing and playing the music they love.. and if you hear them one time.. then see them again later… you will recognize their sound immediately …
Each of them have a following of people who love that sound.. and come to dance and listen… and they are all excellent at what they do.
And its fair to say Every musician and group has a certain sound. A certain style of playing and singing. Even my son’s band Beauty Thru Silence have that sound that’s theirs… you hear them and you will know its them…
I could very well say The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Chick Corea, Buddy Miles, and even Hulio Parsnarfski….(ok he’s a singer I made up) but you get my point? if you know these peoples’ music and heard them before… you instantly recognize them because they have that sound…
and why do they have that sound? I like to think because it comes from within them.. the heart the soul the feel the love for what they do… playing music they love.
Larry King was interviewing Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr (of the Beatles) and he asked them..”Why do you keep playing music? you know your rich.. you don’t have to play any more…why?” Both Paul and Ringo replied “Because we love to play… we love music” Ringo added “Larry you don’t have to do your show every night here on CNN but you do why?” Larry replied “Because i love to do it”
there ya go….
and i would be very safe in saying that’s the way it is me and with all of my fellow musicians.. we love to play music…..
To those who listen to music i say… Keep listening and enjoying your favorite sounds because the musicians and singers work very hard to bring it to you…
AND to those musicians i know… young and old?… Keep playing… the world needs your music!!!! Never Give it UP!!!!! it does not matter if you get that million dollar contract like Elvis and James Brown… just keep putting your music out there in front of people who love it will make you rich… rich beyond your wildest dreams….
it sure has made me rich…
Love Fred 😉

end of class….. LOL NOW CRANK THAT BOX AND JAMM!!!!!! “

Scared in India

Scary San Anto

In the spirit of Halloween, here is a video to learn more about some creepy places around San Antonio, watch it – if you dare! buahahahaha!

Accordionist changed world of conjunto

Steve Jordan’s outlaw image — swept-back, jet-black lion’s mane hair, pirate’s eye patch and sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll vibe — made “El Parche” the Keith Richards of the Chicano world.

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Lerma’s in the Current

Read this great article about the hearing that took place to support Lerma’s Night club, I loved this quote…

“Writer and café owner Deborah Kuetzpalin Vasquez said her mother would tell her she was free to enjoy other music, ‘but always remember, conjunto music is who you are’.”

San Antonio Current.