Polka on stolen instruments

It’s always the same conversation.

“How can you be Hispanic?” someone asks. You’re way too white and your name is Nathaniel Miller. Nathaniel Andrew Miller.

It’s not the name I chose for myself, I try to explain. My mom’s mistake was marrying a white guy and taking his name.

“Yeah, but how are you Hispanic?” they always ask.

I then end up explaining my family history. My mother’s maiden name was Rocha. Her middle name is Guadalupe. My grandmother’s maiden name was Ramos. To drive it home, I usually go further on down the family tree.

But none of that matters. My mom married a white Oregon boy stationed in San Antonio while with the Marines. Now I have a light skin tone. Love does strange things to people.

Even after my birth, mom’s family members would ask her why she gave me the name she did.

“What ever happened to good Mexican names like Jose and Pepe?” They asked her upon hearing my new name. It didn’t matter what they thought, she said; she loved my name and said it was her gift to me.

I told her if she wanted to give me a gift, she should have gotten me a bicycle….

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Blend of tradition, innovation is key

For 23-year-old accordionist Juanito Castillo, traditional conjunto is not even close to being the only type of music he wants to play.

“I like to keep a modern, hip vibe,” says the multi-instrumentalist widely regarded as Esteban “Steve” Jordan’s heir. Castillo will perform Saturday, May 19, at the 31st annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio.

Presented by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, the festival showcases conjunto musicians from across the country. This year’s festival, which kicked off May 15, culminates with a three-day series of shows at Rosedale Park.

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Tejano Conjunto Fest gets under way

The Seniors Conjunto Dance, the kickoff event to the 31st annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio, is a free event for seniors featuring a different conjunto each year.

Juan Tejeda, founder and music coordinator of the festival that showcases new and old styles of conjunto music, said the dance pays tribute to seniors.  Read the entire article here: ConexiónSA | a mySA.com blog.

Legendary conjunto performer George Orosco, 76, dies

In the world of conjunto music, George Orosco Jr. and his wife, Maggie, were unique — a husband and wife team, playing traditional gut-bucket conjunto, rancheras and boleros together for more than 50 years.

Known as George y Mague, the beloved duo was famous for a playful, comedic bickering in hits like “Vieja Escalera,” making them the conjunto equivalent of George Burns and Gracie Allen.

George Orosco Jr. died at home March 1 from complications of heart disease. He was 76.

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TOP 10 Reasons the Grammys Dropped Best Tejano Album Category

10. They want to concentrate on the profane obscene no talented members of society.

9. Emilio Estefan couldn’t find a way to rig it.

8. The second-rate Latin Grammys killed the real Grammys for U.S. Latinos.

7. If Tejano music was sung in English, it could win in most Country music categories.

6. There were only ten submissions last year, you need 25.

5. Little Joe Hernandez ran out of thank you speeches.

4. It will be replaced by the Best Regional Mexican or Tejano Album category, so non-Americans will win every year from now on.

3. Texas is a beautiful place; Tejanos are a beautiful race…

2. The Grammy committee is made up of Las Vegas/New Jersey boxing judges.

1. La Onda Chicana is not about Grammys, its about ganas.

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Band another Farias family affair

Accordionist David Farias of Los TexManiacs and his older brothers Joe and Juan have revived their childhood conjunto family act and have a new single

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Reuben Garza’s Journey with Tejano Music

“Reuben Garza is no stranger to awards ceremonies, he has been inducted to the Hall of Fame of Conjunto Music in Alice, Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas, and he was also a Latin Grammy nominee for best Bajo Sexto player. The Bajo Sexto is a twelve string bass guitar.

I sat with him on Wednesday August 18, 2011 at his Barber shop located on 319 North First Street in Harlingen, Texas, where Reuben, looking like a true dandy Conjunto player, agreed to this interview.”

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